Friday, January 11, 2013

Creating Positivity Within the Bounds of Reality


The last couple of days has seen us deep in the thick of the winter blues. That's really nothing new around these parts. The Pacific Northwest can be pretty miserable this time of year - wet, dark and cold. So, it really shouldn't be something new to us, but for some reason it has grabbed hold of us this year like a damp gray blanket. Maybe it's just post-holiday blahs, because this last holiday was so great we're feeling the valley after the peak of much loved time together with friends and family. January is a month of renewal and rejuvenation, a time we like to take a fresh look at things and maybe that's what causing us some sadness this year. Some of you may already know how much we weren't looking forward to this time of year from this blog post here and here. We're trying to be patient with ourselves and reflect on the future and what we want to accomplish, but finding the motivation has been a bit of a struggle.

Every year we decide on a word to "live by" in the coming year, but it seems that the last few years the same idea or "word" has been very similar and maybe we're tired of focusing on self-improvement. But here we are again at the beginning of the year and thinking of that word we want to live by. For Mike this year's word is "Elevate",  and lately he struggles with taking the necessary daily steps to do just that - elevate himself, his mind, spirit, emotions, health and accomplishments. Maybe he should stick to nachos or something less thought provoking. As for myself, I really struggled with my "word" this year, but settled on "Gratefulness". Not that I'm not grateful for my life, but find myself comparing and feeling envious of others more than I really should. "Comparison is the thief of joy" which is probably why I always thought facebook was a place for "suffering" a place to be envious of those on vacation or their accomplishments, so I absolved myself not to join, but after fighting and finally setting up my own facebook page, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I rallied around my friends and was nothing but full of joy for their accomplishments.

I have also struggled with the direction of this blog the last couple of years and have been overwhelmed by the thoughtful and incredible pleasure I receive from maintaining this little blog of ours. For those of you who visit I truly am grateful! Even if it's just my Dad. Thanks BA, I honestly love how much you comment and enjoy being a part of our lives. I can't thank you enough. So in the coming months I hope to find my stride here, it's changed so much from the original intention, but this blog has provided me with an incredible outlet and a place to dump my way too many photos ;). 

I'm also thinking maybe we've got it so good right now in our lives that we're not sure what to do with ourselves. For the first time ever we're not so concerned with what's next, what's on the horizon, plotting and scheming to prepare ourselves. And in a strange way that has left us a bit aimless and unsure of what we should be doing next. I know we should be grateful for this time, but it's been hard to think of it in positive terms. We've always been the type of people who want to grow and move forward in life. At this point we are trying to create positivity within the bounds of our reality, which isn't bad by any means, just what it is. 

With all that said, I can't be more grateful for my life, family, friends and in particular for Mike. He truly is what I'm most grateful for right now.

*The picture is a Polaroid of us we have on our fridge the night of our going away party before our 4-month adventure to Asia back in 2008.  

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Anonymous said...

This is a deeply relateable post and I am thankful that you shared the link on Facebook. I hear you saying that you struggle with the darkness that grey, wet weather can bring, and the desire to remain positive in spite of your environment and perceptions. I would like to share that being compassionate, gentle, with ourselves can be the msot helpful in ending that suffering. That and mindfulness practice. You might be interested in the workshop that I took last Saturday, Setting Intention for the New Year. It was given by a meditation and minfulness intructor in town who I really appreciate, and she is offering the workshop again on Saturday, January 19th. Check out her website, Lots of love, Gentiana