Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life, As of Late

The Hood
LAL, Jan 20
Cooking up Fondu
Fondu Dinner

Occasionally Portland experiences an "inversion" weather  phenomenon where cold or warm weather is trapped in the Willamette Valley and the opposite is held just above the fog or clouds. Last year we had the exact opposite of what we're experience right now with a balmy 50 degrees trapped by cold and frosty temperatures just above the clouds. This year the inversion has brought very cold temperatures, but sunny skies to the valley, whereas the coast and the mountains have been experiencing temperatures in the 50s. In typical Portlander form (when the sun shines, there's absolutely no reason to stay indoors), we made every effort to get outside by running errands via an epically long walk and busting out our beach cruisers (a slow ride through the neighborhood following streets that had more sunshine).

I absolutely love weekends like this, which start with sleeping in, leisurely (aka very slow) morning espresso drinking sessions where we talk about everything, a sudden realization it's sunny so we forgo all our plans/chores in a mad rush to get outside where we meander, frolic and simply just roam around with a somewhat vague agenda of places/errands we need to go/do. No cars, no obligations, just us. As we searched every nook & cranny of our neighborhood for sugar cubes, we decided we needed to make some fondu for dinner and some more delicious cocktails of course. If this was what winter was like all the time, I think we could get it that.  

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