Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Via Tribunali

Yup, we were one of those customers. You know - HIGH MAINTENANCE customers. First we kept getting in everyone's way by the door while we waited in the tiny entrance; asked for a bar stool only to decide we could get better photos if we stood and continued to get in everyone's way; took up two precious seats at the bar for drinks only; turned down the table when it was ready because it was by the bathroom; only to return to the bar to dine and asked if we each could use a free pizza coupon. But it was worth it because Via Tribunali was terrific. I still don't prefer the charred-spongy Neapolitan dough to other styles of pizza, but Via Tribunali's pizzas were absolutely scrumptious, even if I left most of the crust on the plate. 

The 1000 degree pizza dome oven cranks out pizzas in 1 minute. This created a light and beautifully charred pizza crust that highlighted the perfect pomodoro tomato sauce well. Due to a stroke of luck or pure genius, we were able to each get a free margarita pizza, since we weren't at a table, so we decided to get the selection of Salumi's cured meats, fancy castelvetrano olives and grana padano (soft parmesian like cheese) and added it our margarita pizzas. It was decadent and delicious. We topped the night off with the best tiramisu we've ever had. Located in Old Town, the dark wood was cozy and comforting as the pizza was on a cold dark night. Bonus was sitting near the insanely gorgeous handcranked meat slicer, this machine was a true beauty.

Via Tribunali
via tribunaliMeat & Cheese Starter
Free Pizza
Free Pizza with meat plate
Only Crust Left
Meat Slicer

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