Monday, December 10, 2012

Lardo - Currently Portland's Best Sandwich Shop

Portland is a sandwich kind of town and we have an obsessive amount of bakeries and meat purveyors to prove it. What started as a food cart, but now a brick and mortar, Lardo has skyrocketed to the top of our list of Portland's best sandwich shop. Sure there are other great places to get a sandwich, but we were greatly impressed with their selection of creative sandwich combos that were executed exquisitely. We were originally intending to try their pork meatball banh mi, but ended up trying their Double Burger (you can only get a double) and their cold fried chicken sandwiches. Both sandwiches knocked our socks off! The Double Burger came with pork belly, cheddar and Lardo sauce. Wow that pork belly! The Cold Fried Chicken came with bacon, lettuce and a very mild buttermilk blue cheese. It wasn't crispy, but hella flavorful, which made for a great sandwich! 

The topper was Lardo's Dirty Fries. The deep fried pork belly "scraps" that resembled the small bits of fries usually remaining at the end of a plate of fries was like finding a surprise that your mouth never knew was coming. And the deep fried rosemary initially looked like we were eating pine needles, because they were deep fried, simply disintegrated in our mouths. Topped with pepperoncinis and sweet peppers, the Dirty Fries was easily the best fries plate we've ever had. Nicely done Lardo! At first glace the plastic tented area looked strange, but we can see now they needed to add seats for their growing legions of devotees. We'll be back to try that meatball banh mi, that's for sure!

The Double Burger
Cold Fried Chicken Sandwich
Untitled 3
Pig Out

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