Friday, December 21, 2012

Olympic Provisions

Not too long along we quietly declared Lardo as having the best sandwiches in Portland and we still believe they have great sandwiches, but Olympic Provisions has inched their way onto the list of Portland's obsession with meat, bread and cheese. Located in the gorgeous industrial Olympic Mill Building in the SE warehouse district; Olympic Provision's SE restaurant is prominently displayed in Portlandia's mock-music video "Dream of the 1890s" and rightfully so, the old world charm of this restaurant just hits us in all the right aesthetic spots. The subway tile, exposed piping and exhaust system, concrete floor, wood ceiling, antique fixtures, a full wall of wines with a librarian ladder and a window showing meat aging in the curing room, how could you not love this place? Especially after you try any of their charcuterie boards or, as we did, sandwiches. You'll find this European inspired salumeria to be a Portland gem!

Olympic Provisions
Bacon Hazelnut Terrine on Brioche
Ham Sandwich
The Counter
Meat Department

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