Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Eats

Thanks to Mike's beautifully smoked bourbon-orange-brined turkey, we had hardly any turkey left after Thanksgiving. In previous years we've turned the leftovers into pot pies, hot browns and many sandwiches. This year we had a few turkey bite-size snacks and that was it. But that didn't mean we didn't eat decadently the rest of Thanksgiving weekend.

Mike fortuitously took home albacore tuna, scallops and crab from the sushi bar and we feasted like royalty. With the flaked crab meat Mike made a snack of crab dip that was incredibly delicious due to the copious amounts of fresh dungenous crab. You could have spread this on an old shoe and I would have eaten it up!

Crab Dip

Dinner consisted of making use of a bag of tomatoes, also rescued from being tossed out at the restaurant, albacore tuna steaks and scallops. Mike turned this into a Mediterranean feast utilizing leftover olives from our trip to the beach back in August!

Grilled Tuna and Scallops
Tuna and Scallop Exclamation Marks!

The following night, after rummaging through the fridge for 5 minutes, Mike came up with the brilliant idea of using the chunk crab meat for Vietnamese banh canh cua, reminiscent of the bowl we had in Rach Gia, Vietnam a few years back. We had everything we needed and within a few hours Mike rocked out the most delicious bowl of this Vietnamese soup. I was very impressed.

Banh Canh Cua Fixings
Banh Canh Cua

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