Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Long Weekend

I think I love Thanksgiving because we get a long 4-day weekend. In previous years I'm always disappointed that the weekend flew by so quickly and I realize that's because I always lose 2 precious days: one to making the whole Thanksgiving meal and one to cleaning up after. So by Saturday I feel as if it's just another weekend. At least we had a kitchen full of delicious food and plenty to be thankful for.

Smoked Bourbon-Orange-Pepper Turkey
Veggie Scraps for Stock
Veggie Stock from Scraps
Carving the turkey
Carved and Ready to EatMike making gravySide DishesCapturing the buffet
Crockpot Mac and Cheese
The meal
Mom and Tuan
Mike giving thanks
Being Thankful
Tuan giving thanks

This year Friday was rainy and we didn't set foot outside once, which was really nice. We casually cleaned up, lit lots of candles and watched more movies than we have in awhile. Due to a kitchen faucet that trickled out enough water to wash one chopstick at a time, we were glad to have a leisurely day to clean because we needed it.

Leftover Plate #2

Leftovers day 1 snack: cheddar cheese, stuffing, turkey and gravy

Turkey Leftovers

Leftovers day 2 snack: cream cheese, cranberry sauce, turkey and gravy

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and even better 4-days off!

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robshak said...

That turkey looks delicious guys!!