Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Eastbank Esplanade

We consider ourselves very lucky to bike along the Eastbank Esplanade daily. Guess it all started with Mayor Tom McCall many many many years ago when he refused to let I-5 be constructed along the river on the west side instead building Waterfront Park. Decades later Mayor Vera Katz fought hard to get an east side version constructed. I can't even begin to explain the energy there is biking along the esplanade, with all the bicyclist, joggers/walkers, buzz from the freeway, the smell of the river and then there's the beauty of the esplanade itself with its large art pieces. The Eastbank Esplanade is a true testament to how great Portland really is.

Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade Sign
NW Waterfront
Esplanade's Floating Pier
The Steel Bridge
Pier Fishing
Fishing on the floating dock
Fishing Along the Pier
Portland Sign
Elevated Grated Plankway
Windy Ramp
Morrison Bridge and Rocks
Rock Platform and the River
Joggers & Walkers
Sitting Area with View of River
Esplanade Seating Area
Hawthorne Bridge
Seating with views of the Hawhtorne Bridge
View of the Hawthorne Bridge
Eastbank Esplanade
Hawthorne Bridge from the Fire House
Sun bathing
Looking towards Riverplace
Riverplace from the Esplanade
This is Eastbank Esplanade

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