Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cruz Room Taco Lab

Zucchini Taco
Mole Meatball Taco
We've mentioned how much we love happy hour before. A slight discount on food and/or drink, who wouldn't? So needless to say we were overjoyed when the waitress at the Cruz Room told us we had 15-minutes before happy hour was over. Thankfully their menu isn't very big, so deciding quickly was pretty easy.
The description of the Cruz Room's Taco Lab states "an off-the-wall taco style that combines the succulent flavors and tastes of Mexico, Asia, and American cultures". We love the cuisine of all three cultures, so we were very excited to try what the lab had to offer. It was a typically beautiful Portland summer evening so we were happy to take the last available table out in their cute patio.
Mike ready for some tacos
Cruz Room Patio
Fig infused whiskey & pineapple infused vodka
Tater tots have invaded the Portland bar scene and the Cruz Room's Tots a la Cruz was a terrific little snack size beginning. The seasoned tots were wonderfully crispy and held up well to the smoked cheese sauce, guajillo salsa, tomatoes and green onions.
Tots a la Cruz - spiced tater tots, smoked cheese sauce, salsa, tomatoes and green onions
Anne's Taco Plate - <span class=
We each ordered 4-$2 Happy Hour tacos. The Oregon Bay Shrimp Po' Boy taco was terrific, as was the Tempura Zucchini. Both went well as tacos and the accompanied slaws were terrific. However, the other tacos fell very flat. I could go on and on about how their potatoes and tortilla just didn't go well together or how the faux fish nori/tofu combo was just wrong. But I won't, I'll just be thankful we paid happy hour prices for them because that's what eating out is like, some hits, some misses and hopefully happy hour!

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