Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Daytripping: Mt. Hood National Forest

Mt. Hood National Forest Hike

A week after returning from the beach we were invited to spend some time on the Clackamas River in the Mt. Hood National Forest with some friends. We jumped at the chance to spend more time near water and be outdoors.

We had attempted to arrange a picnic with a small BBQ, but forgot to bring the travel hibachi. But not to worry the mini-mart on Route 224 had disposable instant BBQs for sale. We were skeptical at first, but it was awesome. As was Alder Flats on the River. After hiking in a mile through gorgeous old growth forest we arrived to the beautiful river. We spent the afternoon admiring how beautiful the area was, swimming around large rocks, drinking beer, having hot dogs riverside and soaking up every last minute summer had to offer. A typical Oregon summer afternoon, wish we could have days like this anytime we wanted.

The Clackamas River

Great swimming hole

River bottom

River Cheers

Pumping up floaties for the river

Splash Masters

Disposable Instant BBQ

Ready for some BBQ

Burning Away

Hot dogs

mmmmm - hot dog

Looking at the tall trees

Rock Hopping

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