Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Yummy New Year

We gave only one gift to each other this year and it was a Cuisinart Griddler Gourmet. Honestly the only reason we'd consider setting up a wedding registry is to put this somewhat frivolous kitchen gadget on the list.

While out on our NYE holiday walk around the neighborhood the day before, we slipped into our local grocery store and bought up some of our favorite sandwich fixings for a memorable New Years Day pressed panini sandwich.

After doing a test panini of peanut butter and banana we were ready to make a real sandwich. We have been dreaming of making our own pressed muffaletta sandwiches for awhile and here was our first one!

Seemed easy enough - assemble sandwich and press. And it really was that easy.

Later that evening we decided to try another sandwich we have been dreaming of creating at home - a traditional Cuban Sandwich. We managed to snag some of the carnitas from our NYE's tamalero, add a few pickles, some swiss cheese and a slice or two of Virginia ham, press and bam! A pretty darn good Cuban sandwich!

If this is what we're eating 24 hours into the New Year, here's to a gut busting 2011!

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