Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whirlwind Tour: Saigon Day 2

Day 2 and our last full day in Saigon before heading north to visit family. In a crazy city like Saigon with streets that look like the above image, mapping out your plan of attack is essential if you hope to see and do everything you want before the heat and chaos of the city hits you and all you want to do is sip iced coffee drinks in some hip coffee shop with air conditioning. A few things we mapped out for the day was to pickup our new prescription filled sunglasses.

Get some streetside grub.

Pick up some cheap fabric.

Get some fresh fruit.

Visit the vendors at Ben Thanh Market.

Get a banh mi sandwich.

and something refreshing to drink.

Walk around admiring Saigon's mish mash architecture.

All the while trying not to look like tourists while looking for deals on liquor to present as gifts to our many uncles.
Evenutally we succumbed to the heat and constant noise and decided to pull up to some folding lounge chairs for a much needed beer break.
That night we met up with a crazy group of spontaneous Le Clan for some of the City's finest Chinese food.It should be noted when a hungry group of 15 are seated around a table fitted with a large lazy susan in the middle, not many pictures of food will be taken. I did manage to capture this crab puff image, only after I looked up and the plate was empty along with the two steamer tray of dim sum items and stir fried noodles. Man, that was some serious pork shu mai and shrimp har gao.

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