Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ninh Hoa Neighbors

We're back in Ninh Hoa, Vietnam. This time for Tet New Year. We've brought a crowd and we're staying with crazy Uncle Seven.

We couldn't have asked for a better host. He was our constant alarm clock, concierge and party instigator. He sure loves a good time.Uncle Seven's house is a lot more "modern" than grandma's house with a westernize toilet that flushed (sometimes), bedrooms, a living room and off the main street surrounded by rice fields. It was nice and quiet.Ninh Hoa is a picturesque vietnamese village where life moves at a much slower pace. That is unless you live in the house directly behind Uncle Seven's house.Every morning we would get up as the sun was rising along with the sounds of roosters crowing. We each would take a quick cold shower, brush our teeth and basically get ready for the day to the throbbing sounds of techno music blaring out from the neighbor's house.

We were so thrown back by this tiny house just cranking the techno music that we thought it must be a pool hall or something along those lines. But no, the neighbors just like to get ready for the day with loud techno music.

Now when traveling with technology/audio geeks, and we mean that in the nicest way, the benefit of reliving moments caught by video and sound recording can be priceless.Below is a time lapse video, complete with a sound recording (so use those speakers!) of what we heard every morning. Something we will not soon forget.

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