Thursday, May 21, 2009

Melacca Love

Since we only had a few days in Malacca we checked into our hotel and headed straight out to see what Melacca had to offer. Armed only with a small map the wonderful staff at our hotel in Penang, we headed towards old town. Immediately we were completely charmed. The colonial times of Portuguese, British, and Dutch rule left its mark on the town’s layout and buildings.With Chinese Lunar New Year coming to an end, the streets of old town were still decorated with red lanterns and Year of the Ox propaganda.Scattered throughout the old town area were beautiful Buddhist temples.We soon found ourselves along the riverfront.We found an outdoor cafĂ© selling Malay specialties, and more importantly beers and an assortment of beverages.This fresh kiwi drink was one of the best fresh juices concoctions we had the whole trip, made with fresh kiwis and soda water it was delicious.As the evening got dark we made our way home completely mesmerized by the quaint city of Melacca.We soon came upon a scene that reminded us we are still in SE Asia. A group of motorscooter riders and various shopkeepers in the Little India part of Melacca had all gathered at the local video store to watch the latest release. We sat and watched in amusement at the simplicity of the scene and how lucky we were to be here.

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