Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cultural Melacca

We made arrangements to take a bus from Melacca to Singapore. The late afternoon bus gave us an opportunity to walk around the area where our hotel was and we decided to visit a large hill area where the oldest Chinese cemetery outside of China is located.The cemetery dates back to the Ming dynasty and we figured it would at least provide us with a great view of the city. Little did we know the gravesites were unlike any we have ever seen. Tucked into the hillside the tombs were fascinating.And we were right about the view from the top of the cemetery hill, providing a commanding view of Little India part of Malacca.Equally as interesting was the Islamic/Muslim cemetery at the bottom of the hill, a complete contrast to the ancient Chinese cemetery.We soon made our way down to Little India for a little shopping before we headed to Singapore and one last glimpse of this unique city and country.

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