Saturday, May 16, 2009

Melacca Bling

We really like Melaka, no scratch that, we REALLY like Melaka.
Going off a suggestion from an Australian tourist, luring us with tales of great food we left Kuala Lumpur and made our way south. Melaka or Melacca was occupied by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British, with influences that can seen in its cuisine, architecture, and people.

Post colonial/WWII Melacca has turned into a charming tourist town since its once thriving shipping and port business moved to Kuala Lumpur just north and Singapore to the south. Named after the famous melaka trees in the area by a Sultan Prince, Melacca is a designated world heritage city with a charming riverfront area, an old town area, and the most blinged-out cyclos we’ve ever seen.

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