Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sporadic Blogging

Hello Everyone,
Sorry for the lack of blog entries. Internet has been either wonky, expensive or just unavailable. We don't mind paying for internet when we have to, but what can you do in an hour? After checking and responding to emails we definitely need more than an hour. We are several countries behind, but will be posting as soon as we get time and not feeling the need to go out and explore. 
We aren't feeling homesick yet, but we are looking forward to getting back and sleeping in our own bed, leaving our hairbrush someplace and not worry about making sure to pack it, cooking a meal for ourselves and even doing the dishes. We realize we have been spoiled with someone else doing the cooking, cleaning and even our laundry for the last 3 months. It's been amazing and we still have many adventures ahead. So please be patient and we will be sharing our stories with you all shortly.
Anne & Mike


Unknown said...

MIKE!!!! Good God how the hell are you!!! This is Jerome Harris contacting you all the way from the big AZ! Long time no see! Too damn long. Asia huh? When and if you get to Thailand please kiss the ground for me. Lord it's good to see your happy face. Get at me if and when you can. I Facebook, MySpace, Drop me a line yo!

Unknown said...

Hey, we'll chat soon. Glad your safe. Looking forward to hanging out!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful and exciting experiences with all of us. Gotta tell ya, I can feel very full and still get hungry looking at the pictures of food you have posted! And I can't wait to check out that cool vintage scooter, Mike.

Well, I hope you are still having the time of your life. Best of luck on the remainder of your trip, and see you after you return.
Much love,

P.S. any luck with bringing back some "cobra whiskey"?