Monday, February 23, 2009

Memorable Meals: Bangkok

Everywhere you go in Bangkok there is food available. With mobile pushcarts, vendors can move from place to place with relative ease.These two were pushing their cart down a VERY busy freeway exit, we couldn’t believe it!
We saw food vendors literally everywhere, crammed in any possible space. On the sidewalk in front of stores.
In front of temples.

At make-shift nighttime food courts.
On the subway and MRT platforms. These waffles for 80¢ were the best waffles we have ever had in our lives. There were filled, not stuffed, with cream custard, chocolate, fruit or savory. Not too sweet or too big, perfect balance of filling and waffles, blows away anything we have found anywhere else in the world. Like we have said before Thais know how to make their snack foods – inexpensive, quick and perfect to be eaten on-the-go!So now we are going to pass on a golden piece of food heaven find in Bangkok. If you are looking for cheap, large variety of terrific street food and you are not at a large outdoor market (where there are vendors selling anything, there will be a large variety of food vendors also, but we’ll get to that later) head to Democracy Monument, it looks like this.Situated on the McDonald’s side of the Monument is an all girls school and right before school lets out for the day vendors set up to begin a bustling business of selling to the school girls as they leave and head home. Like we mentioned earlier Thais like to snack all day long and the food the vendors sell are of the delicious snack variety for shamefully cheap, it’s to students after all. Quote from Mike on our first day in Bangkok “Oh I think I’m gonna like this town, they have all kinds of meats-on-a-stick!"There were  several other snack foods we really enjoyed. A sweet crispy crepe filled with marshmallow crème and shredded orange or lemon zest, for 2¢ each!And for a nice refreshing drink there were two milk tea vendors, but we opted for no tapioca balls and just the slushy chocolate or ovaltine. It tasted like a chocolate flavored slushy, delicious after a hot day of temples siteseeing.
It wouldn’t be Thailand without a mango salad or two or three.

There were bready foods like pancakes and waffles, but with a Thai-twist.

Fried foods.And there was even sushi!
But street food wasn’t the only kind of foods we enjoyed, Bangkok is a major cosmopolitan city with world-class restaurants and we decided to enjoy a nice dinner at a rooftop restaurant called Vertigo Grill and Moon Bar on the 63rd floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel.

Our pictures of the food didn’t come out, but the food was eclectic fusion and very tasty. There was even a half red moon that added to the magical atmosphere.

There was so much food we couldn’t try it all in the 5 days we were there. But we'll be back!

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Unknown said...

Wow, that view from the restaurant puts the City Grill to shame.