Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Phu Quoc Dogs

We like dogs, but up until recently we haven’t really wanted one of our own. That’s until we came across Buddy, a Phu Quoc Ridgeback. One of the world’s rarest breeds, they were all over the beach we stayed at in Phu Quoc and we quickly fell in love with them. Smart, sweet, calm, funny, and beautiful, these gorgeous dogs were the perfect size, shape, and temperament. The tallest ones came up to your knees, broad chested, slender, loyal and extremely mellow. 

We were quickly befriended by a gorgeous black male who followed us around, sat with us and basically kept an eye on us. It was as if we had known him before, so we named him Buddy. The owner of the resort we stayed at bred the dogs and for a mere $50 we could have been the proud owner of our very own Phu Quoc Dog. The all black puppies were seriously hard to resist, but knowing they would be in quarantine for a year made it out of the question for us. That and the special diet that required they eat sand and sea water with their meals. The Phu Quoc dogs have quickly become our favorite dog and hoping someday we'll find a breeder in the US.


Tri and Justin said...


Anonymous said...

Ok. You are soooo humble about arguing and negotiating with the taxi driver. That was a down and out verbal fist fight like I haven't witnessed in....years!!!!
Yours truly,
Shopping Robyn who has yet to figure out how to log on.

Loli Go said...

Wow, this Phu Quoc dog made himself right at home with you guys. He was your guardian angel. Brett always says Dog is backwards for God.

Anonymous said...

maybe he was reincarnated and knew you in another time. those beach dogs are so cool. and the ridgies are the coolest- why do they eat sand? there's a dog similar to that at heather's wineshop- he's soulful like that too. I'm sure you can find a similar dog in the states. the beach is gorgeous- warm enough to swim?