Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seattle Eats

Much of our time in Seattle over the 4th of July weekend was spent eating. Here are some of our highlights. We didn't include a picture of the 4 different Caribbean sandwiches we got from Paseo or our amazing omakase dinner at Kisaku (separate post to follow), but we did document our adventures on our instagram.

We didn't eat out every meal, in fact one of our favorite meals was an impromptu charcuterie feast we picked up at the terrific Metropolitan Market.

Snack LunchCharcuterie

One day we strategically snacked our way through the day on curry croquettes and cream puffs before hitting lunch at our favorite Thai Restaurant. We wanted some greens and ordered the Thai Salad and laughed so hard when the plate arrived. The peanut sauce was off the hook, so we didn't mind so much. Seriously the best pad thai noodles and larb ever!

Thai SaladPad Thai NoodlesLaarb

We spent a glorious day at the beach and stuck around the west side of town for what was said to be the best fried chicken in the city at Ma'Ono.

Ma'OnoMa'Ono SidesMa'Ono Fried Chicken Dinner

Before heading home we decided to try a terrific Filipino Dim Sum (Flip Sum) at Isla Manila, plus it was all you can eat!

Keep Calm and Flip SumFirst Flip Sum CourseThird Flip Sum CourseFourth Flip Sum CourseFlip Sum Desserts

Seattle you were tasty as ever!

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