Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kisaku Omakase - Seattle

We decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary early with a omakase (chef's choice) dinner at Kisaku Japanese Restaurant in Seattle. It was delicious.


First Course: Local Oysters - there really isn't anything better than fresh local Pacific NW Oysters!

Second Course: Tuna Salad - unlike any tuna salad we've ever had; the slices of tuna was draped over a combination of avocado, crab and seaweed salad dressed in a citrus dressing. Insanely good.
Kisaku Tuna Salad

Third Course: Kisaku Salad of micro greens, bonito and garnished with daikon & green onions.
Kisaku Salad

Fourth Course: Trio of Whitefish - we requested nigiri (fish over rice) only and no salmon or tuna. What a great decision that was! We were rewarded with these delicate white fishes. From left to right: Flounder, Halibut and Striped Bass.
Trio of White Fish- Flounder,halibut & sea bass

Fifth Course: Aji (Mackerel) and Kohada (Japanese Gizzard Shad). More pungent than the delicate white fish and completely delicious!
Herring and Kohada

Sixth Course: Alaskan Uni (Sea Urchin) and Toro. The cold uni was creamy and not as sweet as Santa Barbara uni, and in our opinion much better.
Uni and Toro

Seventh Course: Getting full now, we told the chef we were winding down and of course ended on a sweet note of house made tamago. Mike wasn't quite ready to end his dinner so he added sardine and sweet shrimp (AmaEbi).
Kisaku Final Course

Kisaku's desserts were all house made and insanely inexpensive! So we had to try the Black Sesame Cream Cake. It tasted even better than the beautiful presentation. A black sesame panna cotta encased a light sponge cake. A wonderful end to our amazing dinner.
Black Sesame Cream Cake

Kisaku is Japanese for easy going and the restaurant certainly lived up to its casual atmosphere. We sat at the sushi bar and listened to regular after regular chat with the head chef, asking him about his vacation (which we spent on the Oregon Coast) and why one regular wasn't finishing her usual meal with a piece of salmon - "next time". We certainly wished we had a Kisaku in our neighborhood, we'd definitely become regulars.

2101 N. 55th Street, #100
Seattle, Washington 98103


OrangeMew said...

Wow, these photos and this meal looks SO GORGEOUS! I love all the colors and you captured them wonderfully in crisp sharpness, almost as if they were right in front of me... and I could reach over and put it in my mouth. Thanks for sharing, happy anniversary!

Buddha Bellies said...

Thank you! The restaurant made it easy to photograph the food with nice amount of natural light. We also sat at the sushi bar which had this great bar set up where the sushi plates were tilted towards the diner.