Friday, October 19, 2012

Robo Taco

We got it on good authority from a highly regarded chef that Robo Taco was good. Hhhhhhmmmm, we hadn't even heard of it. By how crowded this tiny little Mexican joint got before we even got our burritos, we may have been the only people who hadn't heard of this place. Located in the old La Casita spot on SE 6th & Morrison and we loved La Casita.

We got two burritos, a carnitas and a chili rellenos burrito. The chili rellenos was delightfully crunchy, possibly due to being heated in a salamander (I married my own kitchen confidential chef) and the carnitas tasted of charry goodness (if that's a description). All in all these burritos were fairly typical. Good portions, a bit on the spendier side, which is becoming the norm for Portland. But seriously $9 for a torta??!! We were tempted to try their Torte Milenese, a pounded, brined and breaded pork chop served in a Talera roll, but we were craving tortillas.

We wouldn't say we'd make a special trip to try Robo Taco again, but they are becoming a favorite for late night eats, but we couldn't tell you how late they are open because they don't have a website. C'mon get it together, the majority of the people you serve are young hipsters who will deny it, but are addicted to their iPhones!

The stars of the meal was the sauces. The red sauce was full of roasty goodness and the habanero/pineapple/mango was delicious. There were two green sauces, a creamy and just plain green. We only tried the just plain ol' green sauce and it was just that plain ol' green sauce.
Robo Taco

Mike Enjoying a Carnita Burrito

Hot Sauces

Don't let his thinness fool you, he did end up finishing the last few bites of both burritos!

Contemplating Taking One More Bite

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