Friday, August 31, 2012

What to do at Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach is a beach town sandwiched between two bays - Nehalem & Tillamook, which sometimes can make the area cloudy when just north or south a few minutes on HWY 101, the sky clears and the sun is out. With a strange railroad track separating the highway from the beach area and very little charm to the town itself, Rockaway can easily be missed. But we found the low-key beach area and great proximity to other beach towns (in case you needed to buy some party decorations, get fresh seafood or find a large capacity laundrymat) to be a great location to spend a full week on the Oregon Coast with family.

Windy Rockaway Beach

The beach at Rockaway Beach

The beach wasn't ever really crowded, but there was always people around.

Rockaway Beach

Sunny Rockaway Beach

The Rocks at Rockaway Beach

Having dogs definitely made it a priority to go to the beach daily, but we also went to the beach to play bocce ball.

Bocce Ball!

And roast marshmallows on a beach fire.

Roasting Marshmallows

Our family really likes to play tennis and we managed to squeeze three trips to the tennis court in cute-as-can-be Manzanita.

Tennis in Manzanita

We spent a majority of our time together, leisurely gathering to play dominoes, ping pong and games found in the beach house.It really was exactly how we wanted to spend this special time together.


Epic game of dominoes

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