Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dogs and the Beach

Saffy & Barley

We don't have dogs, but everyone else in our family does and it was so fun to see these little fur babies go bonkers over a little salt, sand and sea.

Tri & Saffy in the water

Tri & Saffy on the beach

Doggies on the beach

Strolling on a sunny beach

The only female, or bitch of the group, was the only one well-behaved enough to go off leash, which meant hours of fetch with anything, especially smooth round rocks, ocean be damned!

Tri & Saffy at the beach

Saffy & Tri

Saffy walking through a sand castle

The Le-Byrnes Clan

Barley so happy to be on the beach

We had to leave all the doggies at home when we planned on playing games on the beach, such as frisbe or bocce ball, because it was all a game to them.

Saffy Collage

They were adorable off the beach too, crashing where ever due to exhaustion, especially if a free dog bed was in sight.

Crashed out in someone's bed

Or where ever it was warm and comfortable.

Barley Keeping Warm

Turn on the fireplace please

Boo on the couch

Tuan & Boo

But by far their favorite place was the beach, even if they had just gotten back from a long walk, and it wasn't uncommon to be faced with this look right after a trip to beach begging for more.

Saffy's Mind Tricks

It was so much fun to see them run around all crazy, chomping at the waves, chasing other dogs and trying to chase people. If you have a dog definitely take them to the beach, and often. Best. Therapy. Ever.

Heading down to the beach

The boys on the beach

I have no idea what's going here and Barley doesn't seemed phased by it at all. Must be the ocean air.

Being Silly

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