Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Ramen Bowl Sunday

For Supper Bowl 46, we decided to celebrate with another kind of bowl - a ramen noodle bowl! Wafu (meaning Japanese style in Japanese) is a noodle bar specializing in ramen noodles, grilled items and small Japanese plates. In honor of the 46th Super Bowl Wafu offered up a special menu of ramen soups and baos (buns) for the fantastic price of $4.60 and .46 per bao.

The special Super Ramen Bowl menu was a hot ticket since our wait was 40 minutes even though we arrive right at 5pm when the doors opened. Our wait can also be attributed to the very Japanese (read small) space and limited tables. There was only one 4-top table - ONE! So we patiently waited by the hostess table and made sure to get in everybody's way until they sat us.

The special menu only offered up 2 different broths, but you could get all the same toppings found on the regular menu. We decided to try one of each broth offered - Shoyu (soy sauce) topped with pork belly ($2), smoked pork shoulder ($2) and slow poached egg ($1). For the Shio (sea salt and sesame) broth topped with slow poached egg and shiitake mushrooms. We also ordered 4 baos (3 pork belly & 1 chicken).

We're sure glad Wafu decided to do a special Super Ramen Bowl Sunday. We'll be the first in line next year as well!

Wafu Entrance

Wafu Sign

Wafu Dining Room

Sea Salt, Seaweed, poached egg, shiitake mushroom and fishcake ramen

Pork Belly Bao

Wafu 3113 SE Division Portland, Oregon 97202 503.236.0205

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