Friday, February 3, 2012

Daytripping: FG Sushi

Due to a special sake order we had to drive an hour outside of Portland to Forest Grove one rainy winter day. We decided to make a small daytrip out of it and stopped off at FG Sushi for lunch. We had heard the small sushi restaurant was really good (for being in a small town tucked into the foot hills west of Portland).

FG Sushi was really good. We arrived when the weekly lunch specials were being offered and decided to order some gyoza, 1 sushi tuna roll, a lunch plate special of orange chicken and a specialty roll titled Monkey Brain. The sushi offerings were very basic with only the main staples of salmon, tuna, eel and tempura shrimp. The lunch plate specials were also very typical of what you find in rice plate lunches. What wasn't typical (especially in Portland) was the prices and the how well executed each of the items were considering the basic menu items.

FG Sushi

Monkey Brain Roll

Orange Chicken

The sushi rice was savory tart, warm and delicious. The orange chicken was perfectly battered and fried with the perfectly coated citrus glaze. It was memorably delicious, you might say how "orange chicken" should be. It was all really yummy, especially the house sushi piece titled the Monkey Brain.

Let's see if we can describe the most interesting sushi creation we've ever seen and eaten. Half an avocado stuffed with tuna, rolled and filled with crab salad into the shape of a ball, tempura battered and fried. It was rich, savory and very intimidating. Definitely an item for sharing.

Monkey Brain Roll and Tuna & Mango Roll

Monket Brain Roll Slice

We really enjoyed the food and service at FG Sushi. We wouldn't necessarily drive the 45+ minutes to Forest Grove, but we will definitely keep FG Sushi an option if we need to make another sake run or headed out to the Oregon coast via Hwy 26. FG is definitely worth a try!

FG Sushi 1905 Birch Street Forest Grove, OR 503.357.0754

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