Friday, January 13, 2012

To Market We Go

Pike Place Public Market

Seattle's Famous Pike Place Market is not high on our list of places to go. However since it was almost a year since we have visited our sister city to the north and with a limited amount of time we had to strategically map out our day, which revolved around eating of course, therefor a trip to the market was a must. We started with yummy Caffe D'Arte macchiatos up the street from the market.


We couldn't come to Seattle or Pike's Place Market without stopping by the pioneer of Seattle coffee.

Original Starbucks Shop Mugs

We were heading into Pike Place Market for one reason and one reason only. Market Grill.

Market Grill

As mentioned earlier we had a limited amount of time during our visit and we weren't about to waste a precious meal opportunity with silly breakfast foods, we wanted fresh fish sandwiches.

Market Grill Kitchen

Market Grill Halibut and Cod Sandwiches

Market Grill's simple stall mirrored their terrificly simple fresh seafood sandwiches. We split a cod and a halibut sandwich. Both were pounded thin sprinkled with seasoning, grilled and served simply with lettuce. Simple, allowing the mild taste of the flaky fish be subtle and fresh. In our opinion a pretty good meal to start the day with.

Market Grill 1509 Pike Place #3 Seattle, Washington 206.682.2654

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