Thursday, January 5, 2012

Champagne Brunch

London Grill Private Dining Area

When news that the London Grill was ending their Sunday Champagne Brunch after 60 years we knew it would be an epic way to start the holiday celebrating (and eating)! We gathered up the troops and crossed our fingers for a reservation on one of the last Sundays the brunch would be served. And it did not disappoint.

When we arrived we were told it would be 10 minutes before our table was ready, which was fine since the stately Benson Hotel was all dressed up for the holidays, including an impressive gingerbread town set up in the lobby.

The Benson Hotel

Benson Hotel Lobby Christmas Tree

Benson Hotel Lobby Stairwell

London Grill Old World Christmas Decor

Close-Up of Gingerbread town

We started our brunch with some champagne ( was the good stuff too). We were adviced to try our champagne with some berries from the fresh fruit table, which were so gorgeous I ended up starting off with a whole plate of just fruit. We couldn't resist the gorgeous plump berries, a rare sight in December!

London Grill's Champagne Brunch

Fruit Section

First Plate

Being the children of casino & buffet connaisseurs we knew to leave the breakfast pastries alone, especially after walking pass the dessert island to our table - (yes, an island in the middle of the restuarant just for desserts).

Dessert Table

We started with the "Smorgasbord" table consisting of gravlax with all the fixings, smoked and cold shellfish, a punchbowl of cocktail shrimp, cedar smoked salmon, dungeous crab legs and even sushi!


Cedar Smoked Salmon and Sushi

Once our appetites were opened up we headed for the true stars of brunch and by that we mean what's in the hot chafing dishes, such as eggs benedict, lemon ricotta blintzes, bacon and sausages.

Heated Breakfast Station

Next was the omelette and waffle stations.

Omelette Making Station

Since brunches usually straddle the idea of breakfast and lunch, the London Grills' brunch is all meals including dinner, which would explain the roasted oysters, steamed clams, perfect little lamb chops, pork tenderloin medallions, chicken spanakopita and of course a roast carving station.



Lamb Chops

Carving Station

Salad and Entree Plate

From the plate above, yes there was a fantastic cheese platter with the most delicate and mouthwatering havarti cheese, as well as a terrific salad selection with crab salad, antipasta, pasta and green salads.

Finally after so much savory we were ready to dive into the dessert island. This thing was fantastic with over 10 different cakes, chocolate mousse, lemon and fruit tarts, eclairs, creme brulee, cream puffs, cheesecakes, key lime and coconut cream pies.

Dessert Plate

As we looked around and realize we were one of the last groups of people to leave the London Gril's brunch we realized sadly we could have made this an annual event, but instead it was a last hurrah! The London Grill's champagne brunch wasn't the biggest or most expensive brunches, but the quality of each item definitely made it a worthwhile meal!

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