Friday, December 23, 2011

Spending Holiday Time Together

Walking Up the Broadway Bridge

We finished all our holiday shopping and to dos early this year. We even decorated the house more than usual and found ourselves with plenty of time to just sit and enjoy the holidays with our friends before the big heavy family Christmas weekend.

The weather has been very cold and damp so we decided to keep our bicycles locked up on the weekends and walk to all our festive gatherings. We knew walking meant we could have extra cookies and holiday drinks, what we didn't realize was how much we would enjoy these long strolls together. It has been the best part of the holidays this year, so we thought we'd share some of what we saw on our walks. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Downtown's Waterfront Condos

Downtown and the north waterfront

New Mark Theater Building

Public Art at the Base of the Steel Bridge

Steel Bridge and the Convention Center

Downtown Portland Sign

Homes off Russell Street

Winter Sidewalk

Lighted Outdoor Tree