Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Settling Into The Holidays

Christmas Cafe Decorations

Christmas is this Sunday! Eeeeekkkkk! All our gifts were wrapped and mailed last week! And the last thing we had to do was finish our cards! Since the sun was out we walked down to an espresso shop to knock them out. Something about being forced to send holiday cheer through the mail gives us the worse case of brain freeze!

So 2 macchiatos and a mango chutney panini later we had written out our cheer - signed, stamped and soon to be delivered. After we walked up the street to drop the cards off at the late pick-up post box, we felt almost giddy knowing we had a whole week to enjoy holiday cheer in the form of cookies, holiday cocktails, festive candlelights and spending the dark evenings soaking up the best of the holidays with everything on our "to do list" crossed off! Happy Holidays Everyone!

Holiday Card Writing

Cafe Window

Cafe Doorway

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