Friday, January 23, 2009

Shopping Robyn Tweet Twiddley Dee

We had big aspirations to do some sight-seeing in Saigon. Maybe the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City or Reunification Palace, but to be completely honest the city of Saigon itself is the main attraction. We could spend all day on the back of a scooter dodging the traffic, going around the turn-around, up and down the alleyways and still not get enough. We all agreed the people of Saigon are the biggest attraction - they have the craziest sense of existence and a crazy sense of humor to match. Fun loving, prideful and curious, the people of Saigon are the city's best asset. What better way to interact with the people than to hit the markets and doing a little shopping. Saigon has a WIDE range of shopping from the large open stall markets where haggling and walking away if you don't get the price you want is part of the experience to large world known brands like Gucci, Burberry and Versace withs their own store to boutiques with name brands, local designers and souvenirs. When Robyn joined us we hit all the spots and hit them hard. Now we aren't exaggerating when we say Robyn can shop - the lady can shop and we found ourselves humming the tune "Shopping Robyn, Tweet Twiddley Dee, Shopping Robyn" as we watched her in her element.
But we weren't going to sit by and let her have all the fun.
Maybe we let all the bargains get to our heads because we came away with another crate full of goodies, but this time we filled it with one large item. Meet Mike's new baby...(1969, mint condition, original Vespa Sprint 150) After all the great shopping and bargains we were starving so we headed over the Black Cat Cafe listed by CNN in 2006 as a top spot to dine in the world - why? Their burgers of course and not just any burger, the BIG CHEESE (500 gram beef patty, four slices of cheese, six slices of bacon, three tomatoes, one onion, one head of butter lettuce and one pickle, served on a jumbo toasted sesame bun).  


Unknown said...

What, no fries with your burger? Hope you at least got an avocado smoothie to wash it down with.

Loli Go said...

So, Mike, did you buy the Vespa? It is SWEET-looking, just beautiful!

aprilaz said...

Holy cow, you guys! What a beautiful collection of pictures, stories and inspiration! Sorry I haven't been keeping up...I am excited to hear about the rest of your journey!

The pictures with the hammocks reminded me of when Sofia enjoyed your beautiful pink hammock when we visited Oregon.

Andrew and I are throwing a 5th Anniversary party on Saturday, April 25 in Flagstaff. We will be renewing our vows with friends and family and tieing one on, of course. We would love you to be there but I know you will be just settling in to P-town after your travels!

Take Care!