Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ninh Hoa Highlights

There's not much to do in Anne's grandmother's village Ninh Hoa.  But when the roosters wake us up along with the noise of Anne's Grandmother pounding at the front doors and windows at the crack of dawn, we managed to fill our time with memorable activities. The surrounding landscape is absolutely breath taking - rice fields, mountains and a locals mainly beach.
We rode bikes up to the hillsides, along the rice fields and soaked up local life.
We went to the local market.
We took the scooter out for rides.
We ate fresh tropical fruit on the beach.
We went up to the temple.
We sat on the porch and watched life go by.
And we ate three square meals a day. Seriously, our family would discuss what the next meal was before we even began the one set in front of us. Here are highlights of some of our favorites.
We got to enjoy the company of family.
Best of all we got to spend time with Anne's Grandmother.


Unknown said...

Oh, you guys look like you're having the greatest time. And why shouldn't you, you're with family with plenty of drinks and eats. Can't wait to read and see your next posting.

Loli Go said...

Anne - you are just beaming! I am sure it's so wonderful spending time with your family! How awesome to be with your Grandma....too sweet! I can feel the love from here!