Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Life-As of Late

July 2015 was busy, exciting and filled with so much joy. We started off with a low-key 4th of July where we watched the fireworks from the esplanade and was thankful to live in such a lovely city. It has been a hot summer and we couldn't be happier—summer is just the best.

Steel Bridge Sunset Sunset Big Pink
Sunset WaterfrontBrasserie MontmartreBrick Buildings

We added a new member to the clan and we are all over the moon! Our little family dynamic will be forever changed for the better and everyone is utterly in love.

Mike watching Vinh watching MikeThe cute little familyVinh

We've been strolling through the Lan Su Chinese Garden to keep cool (sometimes you need a little nature to balance out all the concrete).

Roses and the PondBlooming LotusDetailsBridgeWater Views of the Lan SuViews of the Lan SuGarden PathGarden Flora

On the hottest day of the year we celebrated four blissful years of marriage at one of the many restaurants we have been wanting to to try! The food was fantastic and was the best salted cod fritters we've ever had. Has it felt like four years since we tied the knot? Yes, but only in the best ways!

Park KitchenPark Kitchen appsPark Kitchen dinner

In between all of this we've been watching our herbs and plants double in size, eating comforting soups and enjoying that magic hour light. Hope everyone is having a magical summer!

Herbs and FoodViews

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