Thursday, September 25, 2014

Life, As of Late

It's a bit surprising to us that since we've moved downtown we haven't run into many people we know; until we heard from friends who work downtown that they saw us walking around, but didn't say hello because we were busy looking up at the buildings. Then as we were sorting through our pictures we realized, we do take lots of pictures of the buildings that surround us. Portland doesn't have the largest downtown area, but it is jammed packed with some of the most beautiful buildings. We just love the fire escapes, brick facades, terra cotta, arched windows, leaded glass, old billboards, glass towers, water towers - its all very inspiring to be around. Tucked inside many of these buildings is some pretty amazing food too.

Red StonePre and Post WarBrick & Terra CottaDowntown BuildingsFIre EscapesPostal ArtPark Area BuildingsOld TownSteel Bridge ViewHoneyman Hardware LoftsBrick and Fire EscapePearl District BuildingsArt Deco BuildingTilt DinnerOld and NewElectric CompanyBocci PlayingOutdoor DiningStreet ScapeTownhomesSpring SunsetMirror TowerWater TowerHappy MikeGrilled Squid

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