Monday, July 21, 2014

Memorable Meals: Shiro's Sushi

Upon deciding to go to Seattle, we immediately made dinner reservations for Shiro's Sushi Restaurant in Bell Town.We may not have known where we were staying or how we were getting there, but we knew what we would be eating once we arrived. 

Shiro opened the first sushi bar in Seattle in 1970, and although Shiro is no longer there, his appreciation for the freshest ingredients and the abundance of the Pacific Northwest makes this restaurant a must for any sushi lover any where in the US. We've had our fair share of sushi all over the world, and we can say without reservation that this meal, at Shiro's, was the best sushi we've had stateside.

The doors open at 5pm and the line for the sushi bar starts around 4:30pm. Shiro's does not take reservations for the sushi bar, so we made regular reservations for when the doors open at 5pm and scored the last two seats at the bar. We selected the Chef's choice Omakase tasting menu and ate and ate until we were satisfied.

Shiro LineSushi Bar

We requested no blue fin tuna or endangered tuna be served, but we were ok with local albacore tuna. Pictured is the belly and loin.

Flounder, Japanese Snapper and Seared Flounder Fin.

Local Baby Squid legs and tube.

Smoked Herring Roe - tasted like smoked jellied tobiko.
Herring Row

Live Sweet Shrimp.
Sweet Shrimp

Fried Shrimp Heads.
Crispy Sweet Shrimp

Santa Barbara Uni, elevated with the addition of truffle salt.

It seems everyone at the sushi bar was having omakase, so it was interesting to see what the other two sushi chefs were preparing for their diners. When we saw our neighbors receive a piece of king crab, we had to request a piece. Still warm from the steamer, it was sweet, succulent and a total homerun.
King Crab

We have been waiting years to try Shiro's and it was completely worth the wait. Chef Shiro came to the Seattle looking for its unique availability of geoduck and seaweed, and brought with him his high standards of providing only the freshest ingredients he could find to his customers.That tradition and passion can definitely be seen today.

Shiro's Restaurant
2401 Second Avenue
Seattle, Washington

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