Monday, April 28, 2014

All Cats Go to Heaven

20 years ago I casually adopted a black cat with golden eyes and named her Cleopatra. She grew up with me and was there for it all. Last week she stopped eating and 5 days later passed away in my arms. I thought since we share so much of our lives here, it would be wrong not to mention such a significant event in our lives. She did appear several times on the blog - here, here and here.

Her presence is so do dearly missed. She was such a talkative cat and literally said good morning to us every day.  As she aged Cleo definitely became more and more demanding, but also more and more rewarding. She turned many non-cat people into cat people. She was sweet, mischievous, obedient and loved showers in the kitchen sink. Farewell my sweet kitty, I will forever remember you.


Hanging out in the gardenChilling on the windowsill

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