Friday, December 13, 2013

Life, As of Late

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Time usually flies right after Halloween (Mike's birthday) straight until New Years. This year the pace has felt just right. Weeks leading up to Thanksgiving we made a concerted effort to do a bit of stomach stretching, but we were still defeated by too many pre-turkey appetizers. Thanksgiving was really relaxing this year-why do we host when not hosting is so nice?! We were actually able to enjoy the extended Thanksgiving weekend this year, and even did a bunch of re-arranging/purging and much needed cleaning in between all the terrific leftovers. We were gifted with a free Christmas Tree-the first tree we've ever had and the first time Anne got to go cut one down. How tranquil would it be to own a Christmas tree farm? We headed back to Benihana to celebrate another birthday, this time it was Mom's and her recent retirement. Gotta love anyplace that has an extensive collection of hot sauces - Russell Street BBQ is one of our favorites. 

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