Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life, As of Late

Wowzah! What happened? Summer was here a minute ago and then BAM-it's winter! One minute we're at a wedding reception along the river in sunny gorgeous weather, next thing we know, it's cold & stormy. Winter this year appeared before fall did. Slowly the mind autumn weather returned with incredible evening light and gorgeous fall foliage we love so much about this time of year.

September flew by fast and we're starting a new stage in our lives as poor college students! We're eating lots of meals at home and entertaining ourselves on the cheap; and truth be told, we haven't eaten this well in awhile. We're still allowing ourselves weekly adventures, just being more selective with our choices.

We're cleaning up the yard and preparing for winter, including moving a car-size-pile of mulch out of the driveway. Our neglected vegetable garden managed to yield a bowl full of decorative pumpkins we didn't plant, thanks to the compost, as well as a few volunteer tomatoes! The days are getting colder and shorter, but the beautiful sunny fall weather has made the transition to our eventual hibernation period that much easier and we're looking forward to a cozy winter. It's suppose to be a wild one this year, so we're roaming around outside every chance we get.

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