Sunday, April 28, 2013

Farm Shop (Los Angeles)

Farm Shop Entrance

After our somewhat over-the-top Las Vegas trip and decadent Caribbean birthday dinner, we were looking forward to that fresh California cuisine Los Angeles is known for. So we headed for the charming Brentwood area for a farm fresh lunch at Farm Shop

Farm Shop Market

We mistakenly hit up the restaurant, and it's tiny little parking lot, during lunch. We waited patiently as what seemed like an unfair number of people (with reservations) were seated before us. But that was ok because the Brentwood Country Mart was filled with numerous upscale shops, including the adorable Farm Shop Market.

Farm Shop Goods

After the hostess apologized for the wait, which lasted a whole 30 minutes, we were seated with a fantastic view of Ted Danson and his beautiful wife Mary Steenburgon. Mike tried to take pictures of me with them in the background, they came out sharp, but I came out blurry. Their interactions with each other were adorable.

Farm Shop Celebrity Stalking

By the time we were seated we were so hungry we quickly scanned the menu for something we could order immediately, which was the avocado hummus ($12). This was so good, made with sunflower seeds, we were completely smitten with this dish. Especially after we requested the dip come with a vegetable instead of the flatbread, and a plate of colorful shaved baby carrots arrived. So delicious we bought avocados and sunflower seeds when we got home to try and make this ourselves.

Avocado Hummus

I was craving eggs, but since it was technically lunchtime there were no omelets or eggs, potatoes & toast in sight, so I ordered their farm fresh egg salad ($14.50) and a side of smashed potatoes with local olive tapenade ($6.50). By utilizing the freshest, local ingredients there was no fuss, no muss to the food and they were absolutely delicious. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Egg Salad PlateSmashed Potatoes & olice tapenade

Mike just couldn't resist the description of the Farm Shop's house made pastrami sandwich with brasised kale ($16). This didn't look like much of a sandwich, but we could only finish half and ate the other half on the way to the airport, which held up well and just as good days later.

Pastrami SandwichMike

After our terrific lunch we headed out to explore more of LA and fell in love with the incredible boulevards of Brentwood and the lush trees that lined them.

Brentwood StreetsLA Trees

Farm Shop was the quintessential LA restaurant - airy, bright, fresh, clean and even had celebrities to look at.

Farm Shop
225 26th Street, Suite 25
Santa Monica, CA 90402

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