Monday, February 4, 2013

Life (as in eating), As of Late

Juice and Prep
Orchid Berries
Eggs & Yogurt
Freezer Clean Up
Snack & Dinner

We didn't have anything planned for the weekend, which was a good thing because we both had annoying head colds, making for a perfect weekend of unplanned relaxing and a marathon viewing of Breaking Bad Season 2 in a day and half - all 13 episodes. Somehow we managed to get the house mostly cleaned before the weekend started, so we didn't even have to worry about that. Our only real errand was to pick up some beef to make these terrific noodle bowls after we realized how many packets of rice stick noodles (5!) we had tucked in the cupboard when we made this yummy noodles dish.

By Sunday the weather had turned cloudy and unmotivating so we cancelled dinner plans and turned the excess marinated beef into jerky and made some yogurt cheese. I learned Mike will basically do anything if you promise him a salami and cheese snack, including doing an inventory of the black hole that is our freezer, where we found the last of our summer berries and made this for dessert. Orchids from our wedding re-bloomed! There were several buds, but the excess winter heat withered all but two blossoms. We thought this was very symbolic.  

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