Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Is The Take Over


The last movie we saw in a theater was back in April, before that we're not sure. We used to go to movies all the time, but lately we can't even find the time to watch the DVDs we get from the library. That is until we came across this little gem just sitting on the shelves. We kept renewing and renewing this movie until finally we plopped it into the DVD player and was blown away by what was coming out of our tv. All the old school rockers & dub songs we have on heavy rotation in our house was playing in this movie.

The movie is about a Roots Rock Reggae drummer named Horsemouth who decides to set up his own business selling Jamaican records via his motorcycle when a band of theives steals his cycle and Horsemouth decides that justice must prevail. This movie is seriously stylish!

Thankfully there are subtitles because that Jamaican patois was heavy! For those of you who love Roots, Rock, or Dub (ode to Portlandia's Mayor played by Kyle Mclaughlin) or for those of you who just love Jamaica this movie is a must see! REMOVE YA!

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