Friday, February 11, 2011

Six Degrees of Separation

The weather the last two weeks has fluctuated between teasing us with thoughts of spring to reminders that it is still the middle of winter. As we continue to ride our bikes daily we have become obsessed not with rain, but with how cold it will be. The temperature may only change a few degrees, but those six to ten degrees makes the difference between frozen fingers and ringing ears. On the bright side we are on the up tick to more daylight, even if sunshine means it's going to be very cold. We've switched from listening to wind chimes to guide us to home in the dark to trying to spot bird's nests in the still bare trees.

This daily change in temperature has us dreaming of consistently warm weather and living some where that we can bike to the beach. Until then here's a video to warm up your February. Have a great weekend!

She rides from michele Lugaresi on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Hah, I guess I'm in the right city, because the clear cold days I feel right at home. I don't so much mind the cold and the rain (the darkness sometimes gets to me), except when I'm trying to arrange to meet people to photograph them, and the rain is looming on the horizon... :)

When the end of Spring comes and it starts getting hot out, I start feeling a vague sense of dread, knowing I'm going to be sweating constantly anytime now. Once summer really hits, I just don't want to go outside between about 10am and 9pm. Yeah, I know, reverse seasonal depression. Weird, but there you go.

While I might get tired of the cold, the grey, and the rain, it won't ever keep me inside. The summer heat, on the other hand.... :)

Anne said...

I guess that's what makes Portland so great, it fits all moods and temperments, unless you want heat, heat, heat - that we lack.