Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fall Rewind

Whoa! What happened to the last 6 weeks? Life happens like that for us, we look down and blur, blur, blur. Like most Pacific Northwesterners our moods go downhill after daylight savings happens, which occurred while we were trying to catch some sleep in the Atlanta airport. Something about getting to work when its dark and leaving when its dark that makes people go crazy here.

That didn't seem to happen to us this year. We're really enjoying the dark cold winter weather, maybe it has something to do with the fact that we finally figured out how our radiant heated floors work making our house a balmy tropical oasis where you'll find us lounging around in t-shirts! Unheard of previous years!

We started the fall with a bang! Temperatures dropped slowly and gradually letting us wind down with the weather, taking in beautiful autumn walks through the park. Seriously we enjoyed this everyday for weeks!

Then the heavy rains came and all the leaves were gone, turning our neighborhood into large flood zones. Not due to the large amounts of rain, which we guess made national news, but due to the large amounts of leaves clogging up the gutters. It seemed like any typical late fall to us.

A way-over-hyped-mini-snow-storm, some more rain, more cold temperatures gave way to a few days of cold, but crisp, clean and gorgeous sunny days.

Just enough time to assess the garden, yard, and weather proofing. There's always something to do around here to "prepare" for the weather. But mostly our preparation this year has consisted of trying as many bowls of Japanese pork raman we can get our hands on!

That's our early fall in a nutshell. There was also much wedding planning, a smoked turkey, car bombs (the drink) and wet dark bike rides with the sounds of windchimes guiding us home.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic fall! Here's to winter! Winter Solstice was pretty fantastic too with the eclipse, which was clouded out here, but we could feel the gravitational pull! Yes, pulling us indoors to enjoy some couch time, wool socks, library movie marathons, wassail cocktails, and candle lit relaxing!

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