Saturday, August 28, 2010

Streetside Dining

CNN and Budget Travel magazine recently ranked Portland as #1 city for street food in the world. Seriously - Portland. Seriously - in the world. Beating out street food meccas Bangkok, Singapore and Hanoi for the world's best street food. So it shouldn't be a surprise if tasting the best Portland has to offer means hitting the streets.

We can attest to how good Portland's food carts really are so when D wanted a hotdog, we were like sure, they can't be any worse than the awful $3 dogs we had in NYC, really really disappointing. In fact a Portland food cart hotdog can be quite memorable, especially if split in half and stuffed with cheese right before hitting the grill!

Now unlike food carts anywhere else in the world, Portland's carts can be on the spendy side. The quality of the ingredients, unique selection of food and impressive items is worth the price, even a $8 pulled pork or porchetta sandwiches we ordered at the People's Pig on SW 2nd & Stark.

Other memorable carts foods included refreshing SolPop's handmade popsicles. We're suckers for anything with cucumbers, jalapenos and lime, which happened to be one of their original flavors. Refreshing!

Food carts are also the perfect excuse to have breakfast for dinner.
The Elvis (grilled banana and peanut butter) - The Grilled Cheese Grill
We also made a special trip to our favorite late night food pod Cartopia for some grease to soak up our night of bar hopping.

So, if you visit Portland don't be surprised if one of the most memorable meals of your trip was on the street right out the front door.


Gastronomer said...

I cannot wait to visit your town!

Loli Go said...

Food cart heaven! I want more!