Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Final Meal and Thoughts: Singapore

Due to the diversity of Singapore's population there are many national Singaporian dishes: chicken rice from the Chinese population, roti prata from the Indian population, fish head curry from the Malaysian population, sambals from Indonesia, and cheese mayonnaise fries from the British, as well as Singapore's own culinary developments such as barbequed stingray and black pepper crab. Interesting enough the curry spiced glass noodle dish Singapore noodles found the US can not be found in Singapore. The numerous dining options in Singapore is staggering, from restaurants to coffee shops to food courts to hawker centres to street vendors to newspaper kiosks, serving up all the dishes mentioned before to new ones we will undoubtedly return to taste. But before catching our flight to Bali we were determined to eat one last national Singapore dish - Chili CrabLucky for us the local neighborhood restaurant also served happy hour dim sum!At our Cookery Magic cooking course we were given the secret to black pepper crab, but we opted for the chili crab, which was delicious. A perfect final farewell to our culinary time in Singapore! Don't worry we'll be back to try that black pepper crab soon!

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