Tuesday, October 7, 2008

P-Town Props

We thought with the Northwest rain upon us, we would be even more ready to start our travels. But the glorious fall weather has us only feeling lucky to see the autumn in our glorious town. The farmers' markets are in high harvest mode and the variety of great produce available during this time of year makes us anxious to hit the wet markets all over Asia. We continue to be busy with travel research. Not only does Portland have a fantastic library system as seen from above, but p-town public television is also fantastic. To add to our over-anxious excitement to hit the road, OPB is broadcasting a travel series by Rudy Maxa which is really great! His recent show about Bangkok, Thailand made us drool for days. Try and catch his show if you can - the open air market in a little town outside of Bangkok, which refused to move when the government wanted to continue the railway line is worth seeking out his travel show for that alone. I found the "train runs through it segment" on Youtube! Check it out! If you are lucky enough to live in P-land his series airs on Fridays at 6:00pm on OPB. Have a great fall everyone, the crisp autumn air has us longing to rewind and start our summer all over again!

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Loli Go said...

I can just picture how beautiful it is there right now! I might be heading to Portland in December (key word "might") with April for a 4-day yoga retreat! Considering how busy I will be in December for light rail Grand Opening, there is a possibility I may not go. It is highly likely I will not go, but the thought is so nice! Plus, you guys won't be there anyway, so I wouldn't get to see you guys - that's no fun!