Thursday, September 4, 2008


We know, we know - we've been M.I.A for a month! But from our last post we've been soaking up the sun and all that summer has to offer. We've also been busy with mundane life that never seem to inspire any need to post. But we'll recap anyways – 1. We've been watching the developments between Cambodia and Thailand disputing over ancient temples (we are planning to cross between Cambodia and Thailand in January) 2. As well as the developments of an attempt to overthrow the current Thai government in Bangkok. Travel advisories are now in effect for Thailand - Boo 3. We've been cheering on the Jamaican Women's Track and Field Stars at the Olympics. Jamaican Women Rule! 4. Crying ourselves to sleep over missing his show and their show. 5. Entertaining Family. 6.Making rendez-vous plans. 7. Tighting up the travel budget and finalizing arrangments. We've also been monitoring Kenya's disasterous post-election events and hope the country soon resolves the disputes and end the tribal clashes. Our African friends and families are in our hearts and minds. We hope to see you soon. Now, how about you? How's your summer going?

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Tri and Justin said...

You can still make it to Jamie Lidell! Just budget money for October 1st at the Wonder Ballroom, you're good at that. ;)