Thursday, March 4, 2010

Traveler's Dilemna

Tin Guts here, wanting to discuss a traveler's dilemna that was brought to my attention today by an article in Jezebel. Bravely written by their new executive editor, it explores readers' remedies for traveler's constipation. Here's the link to the article. This quickly prompted a blog post because shockingly this has been an issue everytime we travel. One might think going to a third world country would mean issues with diarrhea and dysentery and the travel clinics would also assume these would be the biggest issues for travelers. But we are here to let you know that is far from the truth. The worst part is it's easy to get a prescription for anti-diarrhea medication, but what to do if the opposite happens? Well I like to jump for joy and declare that I don't care if I don't poop the whole time we're here, but sometimes your body takes over, what can I say?

The the readers' suggestions range from common sense (prunes and castor oil) to rather strange (French chewing gum), but we came up some suggestions of our own because nothing can ruin a perfectly good day of sightseeing than Deuces Wild!

First, drink as much water on the flight over to give yourself a good start to your vacation. If that means fighting for the aisle seat, let the battle begin.Second, don't go overboard with the in-flight beverages, especially the free beer and wine on international flights! Do like we did, pack it and wait until you get there to enjoy that frosty beverage.Third, avoid eating anything and everything offered on the flight. We flew Asiana Air and Korean food is delicious, we were even given the option of western or traditional meals.So bring your own snacks, like fruit leathers, crackers and the all important breath mints. It will save you money and won't let you go overboard with the snacks they hand out to keep from being bored.

Fourth, get plenty of sleep during the flight.Many experts say traveler's constipation can be caused by jet lag, especially if you're going to jump over the international date line and you suddenly find yourself fast forwarding a full day! What's your body to think when it's rhythm you worked so hard to maintain is lost?

And lastly always travel with anti-diarrhea medications (just in case), chewable pepto-bismols (for those spontaneous offers you just can't pass up, even if it looks really dodgey) and pack plenty of laxative teas (all you need is a little hot water and you're on your way!)

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