Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kokiyo Teriyaki

Now we're not going to start posting about every meal we have, but sometimes the most mundane lunch can be good enough to blog about. That's exactly how we felt about Kokiyo Teriyaki in the SE Industrial District. We've been on a bento/teriyaki kick lately visiting several around town, but none warranted a blog post as Kokiyo Teriyaki did. 

Looking absolutely nothing spectacular and definitely a quick lunch grab and go spot, Kokiyo is worth making a special trip, especially if you're on the east side and close to the river. We weren't expecting too much from the menu board so we decided to share a chicken katsu plate (yelp readers had commented on how much they loved the katsu), did someone say fried chicken cutlet? Hells yeah! Everything about the chicken katsu was fantastic - the dark meat, the breading, how no bits or corners were over crispy and dry and the katsu sauce was deliciously tart and tangy. The rice was perfect and the gyoza we ordered on the side were deep fried. This was the perfect wintertime lunch. Kokiyo Teriyaki was absolutely delicious and we can't wait to go back and try some of their teriyaki plates. 

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Kokiyo Teriyaki
1234 SE 7th Avenue

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