Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grand Central Bowling

Growing up in Portland, Grand Central Bowling was a godsend. Open 24 hours close-in on the SE side of town, I spent many hours of my highschool life chucking 4 pound balls like a shot-putter into the dark lanes during cosmic bowl nights. In 2008 the Concept Entertainment Group purchased the aging bowling alley and spent 2 years and $14 Million renovating this Portland institution into a swanky bowling alley for adults. With the renovation came hefty bowling costs ($48-$30 an hour) versus the $1 per game I was used to as a kid. But there are bargains to be had (late night Mondays - Thursdays are only $3 a game and an early bird special Saturday and Sunday). The food/bar menu has changed and now there is a fancy lounge with billiards on the balcony deck. So when my company held their annual winter party there I was completely psyched to relive my youth and check out the fancy digs that was recently ranked by MSN as one of the top 10 bowling alleys in the country! And yes, it is pretty damn swanky, but really adorable at the same time. I'd call Grand Central a boutique bowling alley if there ever was one. Either way we had a blast and definitely something Portlanders should do during the dreary winter months, it's just good old fashion fun with sliders even!

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Grand Central Bowling
SE 8th & Morrison Street

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